Pool Practice is a Swiss design studio based in Berlin run by Lisa Pepita Weiss and Claudia Klat. We specialise in visual identities, campaigns and editorial projects, with a strong focus on concept and a deep appreciation for typography.
 Working across media, we ensure an immersive and seamless experience between screen, print and space.

Our design work is rooted in understanding the vision, ambitions and needs of our clients. This allows us to dive into a creative process that is concept-driven: through in-depth research and experimentation we are able to provide our clients with bespoke solutions that will challenge, intrigue, and surprise.



  • Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Campaigns
  • Editorial Design
  • Exhibitions
  • Graphic Design
  • Posters
  • Strategy
  • Typography
  • Visual Identities
  • Wayfinding & Signage
  • Websites


Edition Tincatinca

Die Gestalten Verlag
I Tavoli del Vagabondo

Kirchner Museum Davos
Kulturhaus Villa Sträuli
Museum Ostwall

Schwules Museum Berlin


The Exhibition “Whose Expression? The Brücke Artists and Colonialism” engages with the colonial heritage of the Brücke art. The Brücke artists lived and worked during a period when the German Reich was one of the largest colonial powers in Europe. The exhibition examines their works against this historical background. The exhibition is part of the cooperation project on Kirchner and Nolde by Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
Service: Exhibition Design
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Fauna is a new centre built by architects Marazzi Reinhardt in the middle of a wildlife park in Winterthur. The centre lead by Kompanima, an organisation that supports and initiates projects for animal protection, is dedicated to host education and training courses, including seminars and symposiums, for people who work with and care for animals. Part of it is exhibition space Fauna Expo, which informs visitors about animals living in the wildlife park and projects about animal protection and preservation. Faunas programme and exhibition details can be viewed on fauna-haus.ch.
Service: Visual Identity, Signage, Website Design, Printed Matter, Exhibition Design, Furniture
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I Tavoli Del Vagabondo is a gastronomy-concept by chef Simon Schneeberger. His dining series ‘Edizione’ is taking place in a greenhouse of an organic farm where he also gets his produce. Only a big table, a roaring fire, and everything the fields and the pantries provide is needed to create a unique food experience. Book a table via itavolidelvagabondo.ch!
Service: Visual Identity, Website Design
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Stefanie Kägi is an artist interested to fathom the boundaries of painting, to examine the medium with the depiction of abstraction and figuration by using analog and digital driven processes. A selection of her large-format prints, textile works and installations can be experienced on her new website stefaniekaegi.com. Service: Website Design
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How to Brücke-Museum: A Look behind the Scenes
Service: Exhibition Design
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Transition Exhibition at the Kunsthaus Dahlem
Service: Printed Matter
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Jeannette Baumgartner
Service: Editorial Design
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Expressionism! Works from the Horn Collection
Service: Campaign, Printed Matter, Exhibition Design
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15 years Villa Sträuli – the first era
Service: Editorial Design
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Queering the Crip, Cripping the Queer
Service: Exhibition Design
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Service: Visual Identity, Website Design, Animation, Bespoke Font, Digital Campaigns.
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From Zurich to Berlin

Our journey started in Switzerland at the University of the Arts Zurich, where we were enrolled in the same graphic design program. As friends and designers, we immediately clicked, which led us to collaborate on our final BA project. When we graduated in 2009, the idea of running a studio together occurred to us, but we were also eager to gather experience in the design industry before starting our own practice.

We both went abroad, where we had the opportunity to work with major brands, esteemed publishers, and international clients from the arts, culture, design, entertainment and technology sectors.

Ten years later, we found ourselves living in the same city and the idea of starting our own practice finally began to take root. And now, here we are with Pool Practice!

Lisa Pepita Weiss

After graduating, Lisa left Switzerland and moved to Berlin, where she worked as a designer for the brand agency Stan Hema for several years. While there, she had the pleasure of working on the developing of the new identity and campaigns for Deutsche Oper Berlin. Lisa was also involved in several exhibition projects for Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, and the development of the new design and packaging for Sawade. In 2015 she founded her own studio, where she worked on projects in print, web and spatial design, until joining forces with Claudia in 2021.

Her list of clients includes Migros Kulturprozent, Brücke-Museum, Dummy magazine and the type foundry Milieu Grotesque.

Lisa is the creator of an ongoing photography project called #pepitagonzales, that was exhibited in Switzerland in 2019.

Since 2018 she’s also given lectures on “Digital Design” in the Graphic Design Department of the Lette Verein Berlin.

Claudia Klat

In 2009 Claudia moved to London to work as an editorial designer on numerous books for esteemed graphic design and visual culture publisher, Unit Editions. Later she joined the renowned design studio SPIN, where she had the chance to work on visual identities and campaigns for clients such as Air Studios, Apple, BBC, Crafts Council, Fundaçion Proa, Mubi and the University for the Creative Arts. In 2021 she found a new challenge in opening her own practice together with Lisa in Berlin.

Claudia has served on design juries for the ECV Aix-En-Provence (F), the Designpreis HSD PBSA in Düsseldorf (D) and for the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design in Dublin (IE).

She has also held lectures and delivered workshops at international design conferences and institutions, including at ECAL (CH), Graphic Design Festival Scotland (UK), OFFF Festival in Porto (PT), and Strelka Institute in Moscow (RUS), amongst others.



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